Dear ESSR attendees!

The Boards of the European and Austrian Society of Surgical Research together with the LOC have extensively discussed the current global dynamics of Covid-19.

The start of a new academic year with further uncertainties regarding the development of the pandemic, possible new travel restrictions or tightening of already existing ones, but especially with health and safety of all participants being the utmost priority, we have decided to organize a totally virtual joint meeting of the European Society for Surgical Research and the Austrian Society for Surgical Research.

The new dates of the meeting are December 10th - 11th 2020.

The virtual venue ( will be open from December 5th to December 20th, 2020.

With the knowledge of the intrinsic shortcomings of virtual conferences, we will work hard towards a virtual meeting that addresses two main issues: knowledge transfer and networking. Live talks, recorded presentations, extended Q&A sessions, and interaction possibilities with exhibitors should support us in this (ad)venture.

We believe that with your help and enthusiasm we will experience an exciting conference characterized by an active exchange of ideas and concepts and we will take an important step regarding the feasibility of future hybrid or total virtual meetings.

If you have already registered for the congress, if you are a faculty member, a successful abstract submitter, or an exhibitor/sponsor, we will be communicating with you directly in due course.

In the coming days, the congress homepage as well as the congress program will be updated. Thank you for your patience and for understanding this unprecedented situation and the decision which has been taken.

We are looking forward to having you onboard on this exciting journey!


Kind regards from Innsbruck

Manuel Maglione
Chairman LOC


Registration is open - explore our Website!