Confirmed Invited Speakers

"Interplay of Therapy and Tumor Microenvironment in Human Colorectal Cancer"
Michael Bergmann, Vienna, Austria

"Translational transplant immunology"
Gerald Brandacher, Baltimore, USA

“Pushing back the boundaries of islet transplantation”
Mikael Chetboun, Lille, France

"Paraplegia in thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm surgery – clinical and experimental approaches to prevent spinal cord ischemia"
Alexander Greiner, Berlin, Germany

"Robotics in HPB – is all that glitters gold?"
Christian Oberkofler, Zurich, Switzerland

"Visceral surgery 2030: robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality"
Robert Öllinger, Berlin, Germany

“Transplant tolerance – reaching for the holy grail”
Nina Pilat, Vienna, Austria

“Liver transplantation for metastatic diseases – an oxymoron?”
Stefan Schneeberger, Innsbruck, Austria