Abstract submission is OPEN!

"The microbiome in inflammatory bowel disease - impact on gastrointestinal surgery?"
Timon Adolph, Innsbruck, Austria


"Interplay of Therapy and Tumor Microenvironment in Human Colorectal Cancer"
Michael Bergmann, Vienna, Austria


"Current state of man-machine interfacing in bionic extremity reconstruction"
Konstantin Bergmeister, Vienna, Austria


"Clinical Research - the good, the bad and the ugly"
Nikolaos Bonaros, Innsbruck, Austria


"Reconstructive Transplantation – From Scientific Dream to Clinical Reality"
Gerald Brandacher, Baltimore, USA


“Pushing back the boundaries of islet transplantation”
Mikael Chetboun, Lille, France


"Tissue engineering and vascular graft"
Jaroslav Chlupac, Prague, Czechia


„Living versus deceased donor uterus transplantation – ethical and other considerations“
Jiri Fronek, Prague, Czechia


"Upper gastrointestinal surgery - a challenge in treatment and research"
Philipp Gehwolf, Innsbruck, Austria


"Paraplegia in thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm surgery – clinical and experimental approaches to prevent spinal cord ischemia"
Andreas Greiner, Berlin, Germany


„Recent scientific developments in metastatic prostate cancer“
Isabell Heidegger-Pircher, Innsbruck, Austria


"Turning ideas into reality via Real time live confocal microscopy"
Martin Hermann, Innsbruck, Austria


"A Cellular Approach to Therapeutic Neovascularisation - Application to Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine"
Jasmine Ho, London, UK


„Challenges in scientific Translation - the story behind the CAST trial“
Johannes Holfeld, Innsbruck, Austria


"The influence of femoral torsion on patella instability"
Peter Kaiser, Innsbruck, Austria


"Robotics in HPB – is all that glitters gold?"
Christian Oberkofler, Zurich, Switzerland


"Visceral surgery 2030: robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality"
Robert Öllinger, Berlin, Germany


“Transplant tolerance – reaching for the holy grail”
Nina Pilat, Vienna, Austria


"New insights into mitral regurgitation - from bed to bench"
Bruno Podesser, Vienna, Austria


“Liver transplantation for metastatic diseases – an oxymoron?”
Stefan Schneeberger, Innsbruck, Austria


“Stereotactic radiofrequency ablation of liver tumors”
Peter Schullian, Innsbruck, Austria


"Living within translation - How to lead a surgical research lab"
Jakob Troppmair, Innsbruck, Austria


"Understanding Schwann cell functions during nerve regeneration to improve therapeutic approaches for nerve repair"
Tamara Weiss, Vienna, Austria


"Immunology and Silicone breast implants - from capsular fibrosis to ALCL"
Dolores Wolfram, Innsbruck, Austria